We've always had the ambition of one day giving the Scène des Arènes, the heart of the Festival, a major reputation by presenting the biggest names on the "Latin planet" every year for the past 30 years.
Geo-rhythmic" satellites, the Conga and Cap Tempo stages, welcome a diverse, well-traveled audience and artists to discover. In this open-air laboratory, Tempo Latino "El Unico" offers over fifteen free concerts throughout the festival.
With musical discoveries, exchanges, an international and generational mix, and temperatures likely to vary, these living, listening and meeting places, open to all, will transport you into the world of Tempo.


The central stage of the festival, a place for international meetings and the convergence of the Tempo public. From the floor, as close as possible to the artists, to the starry ceiling, everyone has the privilege of settling wherever they like, without the constraint of social "classification" and paid "storage"! The same price for everyone, a general admission fee to go and find your place, your proximity, your best open-air acoustics and experience your concert, as you wish, at Tempo Arena. When programmed artists discover or rediscover this "enveloping enclosure", packed from the stage to the bleachers, hungry for music and ready to share the menu, anything can happen!

LA CONGA brings you together and wakes you up with its "matinales", warms you up and keeps you going with its beach volleyball and sand games, and gets you going with its Tempo, afternoon and late-night concerts!


From the moment you wake up in the morning, all afternoon and until late at night, the Conga volunteers welcome you with a smile and bring together as many people as possible to enjoy the many emotions that the Conga beach and its concerts have in store for you...


The festival's second largest stage after the Arènes, nearly 200 bands have been featured over the past 25 years. From 11.00 a.m., you'll wake up to a "Latin-tropical" world tour hosted by the Conga DJs. In the afternoon, you'll escape to the rhythms of Afro-Cuban percussion and be amazed by the unusual and explosive fusions. Every evening, just after the concert in the Arènes, you'll gather in front of the stage to listen to these artists and experience their show.


Enjoy the fine weather on La Conga beach, sunbathing or relaxing in the shade of the palm trees. We also offer fun activities such as the legendary beach volleyball at La Conga, a children's fair for the little ones, and many more.


LE CAP TEMPO, welcomes you seated on the terrace, in the shade, chatting standing up at the Bar des Amigo's and Bar Champagne, in the best conditions for its aperitif-concerts du Midi, sweet afternoons and end of days with lively music to taste and accompany the wines of our partner-producers. The place is gourmet, warm and, for the happy few, even bon vivants!


CAP TEMPO's small stage retains a popular family spirit. CAP TEMPO's daytime concerts remind us of the importance of taking the time to savor these unique and sometimes even magical moments.


Every day we offer one or more concerts on the CAP TEMPO stage. But the highlights of the stage are the Saturday and Sunday lunchtime concerts, with friends and family. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, these concerts often call for sharing and the joy of living together.


Our aim is to uphold the human values of the Pays d'Armagnac terroir. All around the stage, enjoy a pleasant terrace where our partner winemakers are at your disposal at the Amigos bar to share their passion and their products.


11:00 to 12:00 | Friday, Saturday, Sunday

An opportunity to explore the musicality of your body, with Atocha Showman! For the space of an hour, Atocha, who has been evolving in the world of Latin dance for over 25 years, will give meaning to your steps.
Free class, no reservation required.


Marché international | Avenue Edmond Bergès | Every day

An excuse to combine shopping with the discovery of handcrafted creations?
You can browse the Tempo Latino international market all day, from Friday to Sunday.

A place where you can relax, savour and discover the wines of Tempo's partner Independent Winegrowers, accompanied by ham lace (Filière Porc Noir de Bigorre), goat's cheese, local melon...
It's a place where you can meet up for a quiet chat, read the day's edition of "Tempo Info", slumped on the Tempo furniture or around the "manges-Debout" that await you from the end of the day to the end of the evening. A total change of scene!

In the shade of the arena, on a cool terrace during the day and in the evening, the Bar-Terrasse closest to the concert exits, at the set changeover to go and freshen up as quickly as possible...in contact with the volunteers on friendly service and close to the toilets to make room and get back to the 2nd concert of the evening!

A shady terrace in the morning, a wooden hut, a selection of coffees and teas (hot or iced) to wake up to, enjoy in peace and quiet, and watch festival-goers come and go between Barrio and Plateau Conga. Service is provided by a team of volunteers (Señoras, Señoritas y Chicos...), who always offer a warm and gracious welcome. Complimentary milk cloud and chocolate square! ! !

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