Tempo Latino is committed...

2023 Tempo Latino has been awarded the "DETONNING EVENTS " label.

What is a Detonating Event?

It's an event that contrasts with current event proposals, a committed and responsible event. Committed to reducing its environmental impact, it federates and mobilizes its teams, partners and audiences around the issues of ecological and societal transition, and gives itself the means to deploy a global, structured and continuously improving eco-responsible approach.

It's also, logically, an event that de-tunes, since it reduces its carbon emissions, waste, energy consumption and the resources used in its implementation. And it's an astonishing event, proposing to experiment with ecological and societal transition in new, more sustainable and inclusive forms!

Structure towards eco-responsibility: appoint a contact person, inform the team, purchase responsibly and train teams.

Respect for the host site: clean-up, respect for neighbors and biodiversity.

Minimize the impact of travel: encourage and provide information on soft mobility, car-pooling, compensation for long journeys.

Have you decided how to get to the festival? Estimate its carbon footprint on https://impactco2.fr/

Limit resource consumption : electricity, water, printing, recycling, multi-use...

Sustainable eating : vegetalizing plates, buying in short circuits, combating food waste...

Move towards zero waste : reduce and sort waste, encourage and inform about sorting.

Welcoming all publics: universal access for people with reduced mobility or disabilities, promoting social accessibility and preventing sexism, racism and LGBT-phobia.

Choosing responsible digital technology : choosing digital equipment and tools

Involving the public in the ecological transition: signage, information, promoting the ecological transition.

Since 1996:
Eco-decoration of the Festival using recycled materials (psychedelic palms made from plastic bottles and sheaths, cork garlands, wooden and bamboo casas...). Eco-decoration workshops.

Since 2000:
Risk prevention stand: hearing prevention (distribution of earplugs, children's helmets, prevention of risky behavior / breathalyser).

Since 2002:
Selective waste sorting: tric skips and used oil recycling.
Sustainable tableware for catering.

Since 2008:
Transport of festival-goers via our Shuttle service from Toulouse, Auch and Agen to Vic-Fezensac, as well as the Navetitas which serve 20 communes around the Festival.

Since 2009 :
Recyclable glasses

Since 2018:
Biodegradable apple gelatin straws 100% organic and 100% biodegradable.

Since 2022:
Energy savings: replacement of light bulbs and LED garlands.
No plastic bottles are sold in the Festival bars, and water fountains are available to the public.

It's a long way to go, but we're committed to it....

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