Come and dance to the beat!

June 4, 2024

Registration for dance workshops is now open!

Salsa, Rumba, Mambo, Orishas? Beginner or advanced? With little or lots of time? With foresight or a last-minute whim?

At Tempo, there's a dance workshop for everyone!

"Cuba boasts a wealth of cultural, artistic, musical and scenic treasures, supported by a touching and endearing people, despite very difficult living conditions. Through my many travels to this welcoming island, nourished by human encounters guiding me towards the yo ruba religion and its folk dances (Gaga), my curiosity led me to deepen my knowledge of this culture and its Afro-Cuban dance. In the course of these encounters, I came to know more about the history of Cuba. The Septeto Nabori group, for example, shared with me their knowledge of son, a dance that originated in Santiago de Cuba and traces the history of colonization. An interest in the roots of this rich and deep-rooted culture enables us to better understand and grasp the evolution of dance today. Take timba, for example: a direct descendant of this cultural heritage, its current form is imbued with the country's past and its musical and scenic culture, thus always preserving its essence.

The rueda symbolizes union and the sharing of a common culture, in a playful and joyful way.
Contemporary Afro, an extension and blend of Afro and classical dance, combines grace, lightness and emotion.
Dominican bachata stands out for its playful footwork and respectful exchange with the partner.
These dances can only be learned through a pedagogy filled with humanity, authenticity and closeness. The teachers present will bring freshness and intelligence to their approach, leading a group towards pleasure and success, not to mention the presence of nannies concerned with the well-being and smooth running of the workshop.
The different workshop options offer a palette in which everyone can find their own color: you can opt for progressive workshops to create bonds of trust and depth, or for hourly classes for those who prefer a good energy shot to a mojito shot.

The rumba abierta and the evenings at Sitio danse, with their passionate and smiling DJ's, are an opportunity for all the dancers to put into practice what they have learned, and bring the public and trainees together around dance, music and entertainment. Finally, I would add that music and dance are inseparable. Musicians and dancers are artists who come together and complement each other. So, dance blends happily with the musical notes at the arena concerts, the heart of Latin tempo, a heart that's only waiting to open up to all lovers of Cuban culture in its entirety."

Caroline Daste, aka Caro'Lina la mun eca

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